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About us
About us

Bowman Hollis Manufacturing, Inc. is a full service industrial distributor, specializing in industrial belting of all types. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with a branch in LaGrange, GA, we are perfectly situated to serve customers throughout the Southeast. From our beginning as a manufacturer of textile aprons, to today's broad industrial emphasis, we lead the field in customer service. Bowman Hollis partners with the best belting manufacturers from around the world, so that we can provide exactly the right belt to keep your machinery running. Our company is family owned, and has been for over 50 years. All of our employees and customers are part of our extended family, and you are welcome to join us.


Today's Bowman Hollis Mfg., Inc. represents a merger of two companies. Back in 1946, a company named Bowman Dunn was started in Charlotte, offering aprons for the textile industry. Sometimes known as "lattices", aprons are belts composed of wooden slats, sometimes with sharp pins, that break open bales of fiber prior to the yarn spinning process.

Bowman Dunn grew into one to the premier apron manufacturers in the world, and sold products through its own salesforce, and a distributor in LaGrange, Ga, named W.T. Hollis. Hollis has started business also just after World War II, and was an industrial distributor service the textile industry.

Towards the end of the 1990's, the owner of Hollis retired, and Bowman Dunn purchased the company. The two organizations were merged into "Bowman Hollis Mfg., Inc. The acquisition of Hollis brought the company into the broad industrial market, and these days we service customers in all manufacturing sectors.


Altogether, our employees have well over a century of experience in aprons and belting. If you make us your partner, you have our expertise at your disposal.


Bowman Hollis is a blend of the old and the new. Old ideas as to how to personally serve customers. When you call one of your offices, you will always get a live person as we do not believe in voicemail. New technology, such as EDI, to reduce your procurement costs.


We have two belt shops with width capability up to 118 inches. Special fabrication is no problem for us. As for aprons, Bowman Hollis truly has the most extensive operation in the world! From plain aprons to the most specialized, we can do it all.