BOWMAN HOLLIS introduces NEW Belt PHR160

Bowman Hollis Mfg. introduces a new belt specifically designed for case sealers. This belt, named PHR160 RT, has a special grip tread contact surface. It is ideal for pulling boxes positively through a case sealer, increasing the throughput of your operation.

The tough nitrile rubber cover will work in all sealer applications, whether your sealer is a side-belted or bottom-belted model. It has sufficient friction to pull any type of box, but lasts far longer than most belting in this application. The cover is non-marking. The carcass of 2 ply woven polyester will not stretch, and is not affected by humidity or other environmental conditions.

The PHR160 RT can be joined by any type of mechanical lacing, for quick installation. The product is available in any standard belt width, in either finished lengths, with lacing, or in coils so that you can cut and lace your own belting.

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