Belt Supply

At Bowman Hollis Manufacturing, Inc., we supply virtually any type of belt available to customers in a wide range of industries. 

Belt Installation - On Site

We employ experienced technicians to provide efficient on-site installation of industrial belts and associated accessories.


Our knowledgeable technicians can quickly train your maintenance staff, either in your plant or in our shop. 

Custom Belt Design

We offer custom belt design services for specialty applications. 

Maintenance Analysis

Any plant with a large number of belts operating would benefit from this service.

Custom Machine Shop

We maintain an in-house machine shop to fabricate custom conveyor rollers, shafts, and other industrial equipment components. 


We provide belts for distribution centers, paper converting, textiles, non woven belts, food & beverage, metal stamping and automotive.


Bowman Hollis Manufacturing Inc. is a full service industrial distributor, specializing in industrial belting of all types. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with a branch in LaGrange, GA. We are perfectly situated to serve customers throughout the Southeast. 


"I just want to tell you guys how grateful I am for the level of service that Bowman Hollis has provided on the order of this item. Your quick and positive response is very appreciated. I look forward to a continued long relationship with your company."

-Textiles Industries Customer


"I would like to take a moment and tell your team thank you for going above and beyond during yesterday’s outage belt install. As planned the guys came in to perform the basic care plan at which point our maintenance team during inspections found multiple rollers bad in our upper collator. To replace the rollers it was required to cut the belts off the entire upper collator section.Your guys true to form stepped up and accepted the challenge of helping our team complete the repairs as quickly as possible by replacing all the belts that were removed after roller install. Your team completed the planned work as well. This just goes to show that your guys are willing to go the extra mile and we can count on them consistently to support us in our needs."

-Box Folding Industry Customer


I would just like to say thanks again for the getting me the belt so quickly this past Monday. All three belts were messed up by the fire. But with some great help from you the machine was running 100% on Monday afternoon.

-Box Folding Industry Customer


(A competitor of Bowman Hollis) took very good care of us, no matter the cost or hours during breakdowns. I can say that for sure. But, they have dropped short, losing people through the years and hard to get people to pick up the phone sometimes as that is the way the world is currently. Sad to say it. We had one guy there that helped us no matter what time of day through my years here but he has stepped up and not as many people in this area to stop by anymore. That's what I'm looking for. Someone who can come by and help when we need it, to look at belts, designs, etc. like he used to. I know that Bowman Hollis offers better prices, I've seen them through the years and you have great quality as well. I have all the quotes for all belts in our inventory. Pricing, yes that is a big deal. But service is what I'm after as you guys have done today for me.

-Metal Stamping Industry Customer